10 Everyday Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Your Health

10 Everyday Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Your Health

There are obvious things that destroy your health, and you know about them, for example, smoking and drinking alcohol. But besides them, there are still a bunch of things that you can encounter every day and, for some unthinkable reason, completely ignore them. In this article, we will explain some harmful habits that can ruin your health.

Habits That Can Destroy Your Health

We have a list of habits that you need to abandon so you can enjoy good health.

1. Holding Your Nose When You Sneeze 

In Britain, early last year, a man ripped open his throat by pinching his nose while sneezing. This, in theory, should be enough to stop doing this. If the sneeze gets suppressed, the pressure is still built up but not released. When this happens, pressure can build up either in the sinuses or in the back of the nose, through the mouth, and throat.

As the pressure travels through the nasal passages to the ears, it can damage the eardrum or inner ear. Increased pressure can also lead to other injuries, with ruptured blood vessels in any area such as the chest, throat, eyes, or brain. This, of course, happens catastrophically, but it is probably still better to avoid such a risk as much as possible.

2. Using A Hand Dryer 

Hand dryers in public toilets actually throw Faecal bacteria back into your hands. These hand dryers contain harmful bacteria that are be deadly. It works quite simply. Such dryers are present in areas where there is a huge flow of people, be it a shopping center or an airport.

And microbes that fly back and forth through the toilet often settle in these dryers. And then safely fall into your hands. Of course, you will not get a fatal disease, but you can easily catch an infection.

3. Sleeping In Lenses 

If you wear lenses regularly, you should be aware that sleeping in contact lenses can increase corneal infection risk. It can permanently affect your vision and reduce the amount of oxygen in the eye, which can stress the cornea. Therefore, whenever you sleep, take a few moments to remove the lenses.

4. Consuming Alcohol

Drinking alcohol excessively can seriously ruin your well-being. If you feel like drinking a glass of wine regularly won’t make you an addict, we have an easy method to find that out. There are many substance abuse self-assessments available on the internet.

You can fill them and find out what is the severity of your addiction. If it moderate, you can cure this problem at home. But if the addiction severity is high, you need to contact a specialist before it is too late.

5. Eating At Night

Eating at night can lead to a serious risk of acid reflux and disrupt sleep. There are many things that can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease symptoms. One of them is just your favorite food for the night.

The digestive system gets busy working on the food you stuffed at night, due to which you may find difficulty in falling asleep. If you do not eat at least 3-4 hours before bedtime, everything will be just fine with you.

6. Sleep Anyhow 

This does not mean that you are bent over and do not follow your posture, schedule, and routine. If it is not comfortable, then you need to fix it first. Sleep, whatever one may say, is the most important process for your body.

Good and stable sleep is crucial for the overall functioning of the body and the functioning of the brain. You cannot neglect it, and it will be easier to get up in the morning.

7. Glued To The Phone

Information overload from the Internet and social networks can negatively affect working memory. There has even been a link between using a cell phone and low concentration. You become more distracted and less focused. Of course, you do not need to isolate yourself from this completely, but it is better to use it less often.

8. Chewing Gum All The Time 

It is clear that it feels great when you have fresh breath. But if you chew gum all the time, it can put too much pressure on your jaw. The temporomandibular (TMD) joint in the upper part of the jaw is not rubbery, and sometimes it can click from excess movement. Nothing, of course, will break, but if you chew endlessly, it will not harm the joint.

9. Consuming Harmful Products 

About alcohol and cigarettes, you already know they are very harmful products for your health. But do not think that if you excluded them, then now you will live 100 years. You need to carefully monitor what you eat, not only when you are losing weight or vegan, but also when you are just living and functioning.

Your body needs different compounds from vitamins, grains, and fiber. And if you shove harmful products in yourself, then don’t be surprised if your liver fails by the age of 30.

10. Biting Your Nails 

When they say that you need to monitor your diet, it also means to refrain from all harmful habits. One such habit is eating your nails; it can still be dangerous for the body. You spoil your nails, the skin around them suffers, which can easily get infected.

And what can we say about the million bacteria that enter your mouth along with your favorite nails! Therefore, it is better to eat something harmful instead of nails.


In our daily lives, we adopt so many habits without considering their harmful effect on our health. However, in this article, we brought some extremely harmful habits to light that can literally spoil your well-being. We are hopeful that now you will abstain from them and focus on improving your health.