10 Ways To Improve Portfolio Background Images

10 Ways To Improve Portfolio Background Images

Do you know that distracting backgrounds can spoil your photos? Not just these distract the audience from the main focus point but degrade your work standards. So, how to improve your portfolio background images? Here are 10 unique ways through which you can create clutter-free backgrounds that will bind all the attention where that is meant to be.

#1 Make Sure You Check The Frame/Border

Even a small detail such as checking the photo’s frame or border can change the entire look of your WordPress Image Gallery. Many people ignore such minor details in rush and fail to create a lasting impact on the audience. But, you should use the image gallery plugin to customize your photos’ borders by either changing the border width or the border color or reshaping the corners. So, take your time to study the backgrounds and create unique frames for your portfolio photos.

#2 Incorporating Gallery Lightbox

WordPress gallery lightbox is a popup or overlay window that goes over the website content to show the original picture. This is a great technique to showcase a portfolio picture to the audience while automatically darkening the rest of the page. With a gallery lightbox, you can easily divert people’s attention to various photos from your image gallery. You can incorporate as many lightboxes as you like and make your WordPress site look as professional as unique.

#3 Remove Clutter

Other than changing the image borders,  see if there are any unwanted elements in the image backgrounds. If yes, then the next step is to remove them through editing. If you fail to move these unwanted background objects out of the frame, however, then you can use a photo editor plugin. Plugins such as Luminar, ON1 Effects, Gutenberg, etc. work smoothly with any WordPress Gallery Plugin. So, nothing to worry about!

#4 Integrating With WooCommerce

Are you wondering how to sell your images online? Improving background images is a must to improve the online sales of your photos and artworks. Integrate a WooCommerce plugin alongside the gallery plugin to build an online store. After your online store opens, utilize the gallery plugin to add up your portfolio images with stunning background. The gallery pages work as the product catalog to your audience. Based on the quality of your photos and artworks, you can make great profits with your digital sales.

#5 Change The Depth Of Field

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Changing the depth of field can be a great way to improve your portfolio background images. You can use a larger aperture and make the image background out of focus. This technique creates a bokeh effect which effectively hides distracting objects from the background. However, this doesn’t work on areas that are overexposed with bold colors. So, change the depth of field at your convenience.

#6 Create Content According To The Background

Now you know how to sell your images online, it’s time to create content according to the image backgrounds. Take your time to think and develop contents that look sober with the image background. Try using short and precise wordings while creating the titles and tags for your images. Make sure that the text fronts go well with the image background and attract the visitor’s attention at the same time.

#7 Image Optimization & Resizing

The WordPress Image Gallery comes with a built-in image optimizer that can compress and resize images within minutes. This is a great technique to improve background images as well as the overall image quality. Image optimization not just helps in image resizing but also improves the image gallery’s load time. No matter how many images you have in the gallery, the pages load faster with less loading time.

#8 Create Cohesive Theme-based Albums

Other than using WordPress gallery lightbox, you can create a unique theme so that all background images look cohesive altogether. This is a great technique to improve large image galleries that contain countless portfolio images. So, group your portfolio images into theme-based albums. Name the albums as per the themes and section your portfolio images in a manageable order.

#9 Maintain Consistency

Just because you have opened an online store alongside your WordPress studio site, don’t be impatient. Maintain the standard of your portfolio images by checking the backgrounds of each of these images. Thoroughly go through all the photos that you plan to upload for selling purposes. Position the best of your artworks with amazing background on a display. Surely, this will help maintain your site’s standards from the beginning.

#10 Show innovative angles with a mix of aspect ratios

As a content creator and an artist, you should showcase your innovativeness through your portfolio background images. Shoot from a variety of angle that highlights a variety of aspect ratios. You can upload both landscape and portrait-oriented photos in the image gallery. This is a great way to show your audience that you can compose photos from various angles as per the variety of their needs.