13 Food Items You Have Been Eating Wrong

13 Food Items You Have Been Eating Wrong

When we cook or eat foods, we assume that it’s going all healthy. However, we make some mistakes so often that they have become normal for us. Yes, we cook and consume some foods incorrectly without even knowing about it. As a result, we lose their taste and their nutritional properties.

In this article, we will tell you about the foods that you eat wrong. Check yourself: how often do you make the following mistakes?

Foods You Have Been Eating Wrong

1. Frying Broccoli

It turns out that when broccoli gets fried, it loses vitamin C by 24%. And also, the amount of chlorophyll and soluble protein in it decreases. Frying the buds of this cabbage also results in a 67 percent loss of carotenoids, which work as antioxidants.

Steaming, on the other hand, allows the nutrients of the broccoli to remain almost unchanged. Everything in it stays almost in its natural and raw state.

2. Thinking Dried And Fresh Herbs Are Same

Dried herbs are always better than other forms of herbs. But the herbs that fresher are more aromatic. So they go well with many dishes and are added at the very end of the cooking process to give the food a special savory flavor. Dried herbs are best for sauces and soups. You can also use them to marinate meat with salt and spices.

3. Not Soaking Legumes

If you don’t soak the beans overnight, you will not only increase the cooking time, but you will not get any benefit from this product. As you cook something for a longer period, it loses all its nutrients.

Be sure to soak the beans (peas, chickpeas) in salted water to soften them. And this will cut the cooking time in half. This idea always works when you want to cook the food in lesser time.

4.  Eating Tomatoes Raw

Salads and sandwiches aren’t the only options for tomatoes. Heat treatment will not harm them either and even make them more useful. In this case, your body will absorb four times more lycopene (an antioxidant) than if you eat a tomato raw. Exposure to temperature separates lycopene from the proteins that bind it.

This means your body will receive much more of it. We are stopping you from eating raw tomatoes; if you like it eating that way, you can surely do it. But you can add it to your foods too for making them more nutritious.

5. Throwing Away Hot Pepper Seeds

Do not throw seeds in the trash. They are much sharper and spicier than the pulp of the pepper itself. You can add spice to your dishes just with the help of pepper seeds. They can add good taste to your food.

6. Drinking Alcohol With Fast Food

The first thing is that eating fast food is not healthy. Moreover, when you drink alcohol with it, you are aggravating the harmful effect, which can lead to the development of several diseases. If you continue drinking in this way, with time, you will become addicted to it.

It is better to avoid this addiction. You can contact the alcohol abuse hotline number for further assistance. They can guide you on how to get yourself out of this alcohol trouble.

7. Putting Chopped Onions And Garlic Directly To Pot

After chopping the onions and garlic, do not send them directly from the cutting board to the pot. All nutrients and flavonoids get activated when their cell walls are destroyed by cutting or grinding. But as soon as they enter boiling water, these powerful reactions cease. Let the chopped onion and garlic sit for a while before cooking them.

8.  Cooking Pasta For Longer Time

Cooked pasta is a disregard for the rules of Italian cooking. In addition, long cooking pasta destroys a significant amount of vitamins. Therefore, add a drop of vinegar to the water and then cook the pasta. So it cooks earlier and not stays hard.

9. Eating Only Broccoli Flowers

When you throw away broccoli or cauliflower stalks, you are deliberately giving up on a ton of nutrients. The stems actually contain more fiber, vitamin C, and calcium than the inflorescences we are used to. You can eat them, too; they are healthier.

10. Thinking Boiled Vegetables Are More Nutritious

If you boil vegetables, you immediately destroy the nutrients, plus they are easy to digest and turn into mush. Vegetables are best steamed or baked in the oven.

One exception to the rule is carrots. Boiling this vegetable increases the amount of healthy lutein without damaging beta-carotene. This nutrient is necessary for the proper functioning of the eyes and the health of the skin.

11. Throwing Away The Tough Pineapple Core

The core may be too coarse and fibrous, but you can use it to get some extra bromelain. It can help to reduce inflammation. Cut out the core and add it to your drinking water to make it taste better. Alternatively, cut the cores into small cubes and chew them.

12. Eating Citrus Pulp

Don’t throw away the peels of lemons, limes, and oranges. It has more flavonoids and fiber than juicy pulp. Try chopping the peel very finely and adding it to different dishes for added flavor and aroma.

13. Thinking Whole Garlic Cloves Add More Flavor

It is actually best if you crush or mince the garlic. Since garlic burns very quickly when frying, do not put it in the pan alone, but only with other ingredients. If you prefer to add whole wedges to your food, then you will receive fewer antioxidants. But when you cut the garlic, these nutrients get activated.


Our lack of knowledge about the food items and their benefits lead to the mistakes mentioned in this article above. If you avoid making such mistakes, your meals will become healthier and more nutritious. Stay healthy and eat healthy foods!