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9 Gifts to Buy for Your Police Officer

The holiday season is upon us, and you’re frantically trying to decide on the perfect gift for your favorite police officer. In theory, this process should be easy, but when it comes down to it, you’re stumped. You need a little inspiration to get you started. We have the perfect list of cool shit to buy for the police officer in your life.

1.      Uplifting Morale Patches

Today law enforcement officers face a lot of negative publicity and scrutiny from the public. So, what better gift can you give than a popular morale patch that embodies the integrity and honor of the law enforcement career? Thin-blue-line patches have represented the bond between fellow police officers for decades now. There’s even a patch with a split blue and red line for officers who are also members of fire and rescue agencies.

With numerous patches that range from humorous to serious, you’re sure to find one that your police officer will love.

2.      Hats/Beanies or Toques/Toboggans

Hats, especially cool tactical headwear, are another favorite for police officers. Some agencies may let you wear them for certain activities at work like firearms qualifications on the range. They actually do serve a purpose other than looking cool. They shield your head and face from the burning sun. Trust us; if you’ve ever had firearms qualifications in the middle of July, you need all the help you can get.

Whatever you call the knit hat on your head, it’s an excellent gift for officers who work in cold climates. Even if they didn’t wear one before starting in the military or law enforcement, they would put anything on to keep warm while directing traffic in the snow.

Even better, you can combine the morale patch you buy your police officer and sew it onto the ball cap for an even better gift! Like patches, there are many designs to choose from, so you won’t have problems finding the perfect one for your police officer.

3.      Tactical Christmas Stocking

Now, a Christmas stocking modeled after tactical equipment is an awesome gift. The stocking comes in a couple of different colors that match law enforcement tactical colors. Be extra-sneaky and slip a small present in one of the side pockets to see if they find it. Just don’t forget it’s there yourself. Surprise your special guy or girl officer on Christmas Day, and it may just be their favorite gift.

Police Officer

4.      Law Enforcement-Themed Coffee Mug

Most people in law enforcement drink coffee to combat the exhaustion that comes from switching schedules every week, two weeks, or month. It can get downright difficult, but if your police officer has a desk job or drinks coffee in the office, a coffee cup may be their best friend. They can also use it at home to consume their favorite beverage. Does your significant other ride around in a car a lot? Get them a coffee mug that fits the drink holders in their car and, whether they work night or day shift, they’re all set.

5.      Rechargeable Flashlight

Every police officer will tell you that a durable flashlight is critical on night shift and to search dark buildings. You may have a large one that recharges in the patrol car and one on your belt.  An extra flashlight can be extremely useful if one of the other ones dies on duty. Plus, you can keep one in each personal vehicle, as well as several in the house. You can never have too many flashlights.

6.      Graphic T-Shirt

Out of all the fun things that you can buy for your favorite officer, police graphic t-shirts are always an excellent gift. Like morale patches, a t-shirt gives you the chance to display awesome law enforcement sayings, beliefs, and uplifting messages. It gives your officer the chance to show he or she is part of a large family. A wonderful family, comprised of men and women all over the world, a band of brothers and sisters. All police officers’ blood runs blue, and they want people to remember that.

7.      Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is another incredible gift, and you can never have enough of them. There are different types of multi-tools, and the MP1-AR is a weapon-specific tool. The tools and blades are locking while the pliers are spring-loaded, making them easy to use. It comes with a MOLLE coyote nylon sheath, as well as fine-edge and full-size serrated blades.

There is also a magnetic bit driver that can be used with standard-sized bits. Also, a bit set that includes a pin punch for trigger assemblies and a front-sight adjustment tool for iron sights. This invaluable tool also includes a wire cutter, carbon scraper, and more. It’s a useful tool your police officers can keep in their range bags.

8.      Tactical Backpack

A tactical backpack has many useful purposes, such as carrying necessary essentials and gear for training events, hiking, and camping. It’s even great to carry things on vacation. The LA Police Gear 3-Day Backpack has tons of nifty features, such as:

  • Plenty of room for gear
  • Removable backplate
  • Dual compression straps
  • Made from 600D Polyester with PVC coating
  • Mesh padded back for additional breathability and comfort
  • MOLLE compatible, so you can strap on more external pouches
  • Chest Pack versatile carrying system

Police Officer

This Christmas, you’re going to knock it out of the park with the gifts you buy for your police officer. Remember, police officers are unappreciated in general. If you’re at a complete loss, you can browse through all of the cool stuff in this gift finder. Make sure to show your police officer how much you care!