Are Slick Tiles Made from Synthetic Ice?

Are Slick Tiles Made from Synthetic Ice?

Slick tiles and synthetic ice are some of the best off-ice hockey training equipment you can get to help take your game to the next level. These training tools help transform any off-ice space into a legit training facility and help you train in the most realistic ways possible.

People often use these two terms interchangeably or even think that slick tiles are “made from” synthetic ice. This isn’t quite right. These two types of hockey training equipment are slightly different. They are made from different materials, function in different ways, and provide users with different ways of training. To help clear up any confusion, we will look at the differences (and similarities) between slick tiles and synthetic ice.

What are Slick Tiles? 

Slick tiles are hockey flooring tiles that you can set up anywhere to create a great off-ice training area. These tiles are made from a durable synthetic material that allows a regulation puck to glide naturally on the surface. It is smooth enough to skate on with inline skates but not slippery so you can also train in your sneakers.

What is Synthetic Ice?

This product is made with a high-density polymer infused with our “secret sauce” that allows a player to use ice skates on them and glide with ease across the surface. Our synthetic ice is self-lubricating so you won’t need any messy sprays. Snipers Edge synthetic ice not only allows you to skate indoor or out away from the rink but lets you do real hockey stops which some similar products can’t accommodate.

How Do Slick Tiles and Synthetic Ice Compare?

Slick tiles and synthetic ice are completely different products but they do have similarities as well. Here are how the two products compare.


  • Both products simulate the feel of training on ice to maximize your at-home, off-ice training. This helps you train year-round and gives you a competitive edge against other players when you get back on the ice.
  • Both products help protect your equipment as well as the surface you are playing on so you don’t scuff up your floors at home.
  • Both products from Snipers Edge are high-quality, durable, and long-lasting. They are easy to set up and disassemble and strong enough to leave down and still use the space for things other than hockey training.


  • You can use real skates on synthetic ice, you can use inline skates or sneakers on slick tiles.
  • Synthetic ice is slightly more expensive. At you can get slick tiles for $3.99 – $5.49 per square foot while synthetic ice is around $8.50 per square foot. (If you see it for less though, check out our price match guarantee!)


The next time you hear the terms “slick tiles” or “synthetic ice” you should now have a better idea of how each works, what benefits they provide, and how they are both similar products but with some big differences. You can’t go wrong with either of these products and, no matter which you choose, you will supercharge your training and become a better hockey player when you get back to the real ice. 

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