Exciting Things to Do in Baltimore

Exciting Things to Do in Baltimore

So, you’re in Baltimore and you’re looking for some excitement. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, ensuring that you have something fun to do is important. After all, doing fun things creates memories that can last an entire lifetime. If you’ve found yourself saying “I wish I know what the things to do near me were.” you’re in luck because today we’re going to be looking at two incredibly fun and exciting things to do in Baltimore that are both sure to get your heart pumping and those endorphins running through your body.

A Test of Strength and Accuracy

Have you ever been axe throwing? It’s a wonderful sport and many, many people enjoy it. It’s made somewhat of a resurgence in the last few years and it’s been a hit among people that play. Imagine a kind of cross between horseshoes and darts and you have the game of axe throwing.

At the axe throwing facility in Baltimore, you’ll be provided with a coach before you begin to ensure that you have the best technique possible. That not only means that you’ll have a better chance of crushing your friends or family in a friendly competition but also helps you be sure that you’re protecting the more delicate parts of your body that are easy to tear or strain. 

What’s more exciting than throwing axes? Well, while it is a very hardcore experience and will likely make you feel pretty cool the entire time you’re playing the next item on our list is likely to get your heart pumping just as much, if not more.

High Octane Thrills you can Share With the Whole Family

Do you want to go fast in a safe environment? More than likely your answer is yes, after all, the desire to go fast has pushed humanity into a lot of technological advances. Baltimore’s own indoor go-kart course is a place where safety and speed are married.

First off, their karts go very fast. Nearly freeway driving levels of fast with their karts topping out at 50 miles per hour. Their karts are Italian-made with cutting-edge electric engines. They’re not only designed to go fast but to handle like a dream even for people that have zero experience with go-karts or related skills.

This might sound like it’s incredibly dangerous, and it could be if the proper precautions weren’t taken to ensure that your experience is just as safe as it is fun. Baltimore’s indoor go-kart track makes sure that you’ll be as safe as possible while driving their karts. With their four-point professional grade safety harnesses, expertly weighted karts that are designed to minimize the risk or tipping or rolling, roll bars to further reduce that chance and even advance guardrail technology to ensure that collisions with the guard rails will be much softer than they would be otherwise you can be sure that this facility has spared no expense to ensure that your experience is just as safe as it is fun.

Finding Excitement in Baltimore

When you go on your outings you always want to make sure that everyone involved has a great time. Baltimore is a great city for finding fun things to do, and in a lot of cases, you can’t beat go-karting and axe throwing if you’re looking to get a good hit of adrenaline. The best part is that both of these activities are at the same place, so if you schedule it right you can race your friends and see who’s the best axe thrower all in the same day.