How To Smoke Salt Like A Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Smoke Salt Like A Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are buying a gift for a barbecue enthusiast (or even for yourself), think outside the box. There is no need for an apron, tongs, or spatula. Have fun with it this year. Season their food with smoked salt.

Become Familiar With The Flavors

Those who know how to season their food well know that salt is their best ally. By using salt properly, you can improve the flavor, texture, and color of your food. With smoked salt added to your barbecue arsenal, your food will taste better since it will add a tasty smokey flavor.

A Memphis Wood Fire pellet grill does most of the work as you make salt yourself instead of buying it.

The Secret To Success Is Time And Patience

Time is most important when it comes to smoking salt. Aside from stirring occasionally, the Memphis does the bulk of the work. All you have to do is wait. It will take time for your salt to get a good smoke. The picture below shows how the salt looks after 14 hours. You can smoke your salt for as long as you want. Smoking the Memphis for shorter periods of time will result in a lighter flavor, while smoking the salt for greater amounts of time will result in a stronger flavor.

Does the Screen or the Pan Cause the Problem?

How to Smoke Salt Like a Pro – Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Smoking salt can be done cold or hot. The Memphis method is used to smoke salt hot. 275 degrees Fahrenheit should be the temperature. Preparation of the salt is not needed except for deciding which container to use during the smoking process. There are two methods for containing the salt:

Spread the chunks of salt over the bottom rack of the Memphis’ lower rack, then cover it with a metal splatter screen (similar to the one used over a frying pan).
Smoke can enter the salt from below with the screen in place, while the fan in the Memphis circulates smoke from top to bottom. As a result, the salt turned a darker color when it was smoked in a splatter screen rather than a foil pan. Smokers should not be filled with plastic. You should use a metal splatter screen.

Our recipe calls for a stainless steel baking dish, which is placed in the bottom of your oven to catch drips. There was just enough lip around the edge of the pan for the salt not to roll off. These are available at any discount store for almost nothing. Gently shake the pan after you have placed the Memphis into it until a thin, even layer of salt forms.

Wisdom From the Elders…

The smoke transforms the salt into a flavor-absorbing substance. On the top shelf of the smoker, people will put salt in a pan when they are smoking ribs, brisket, or turkey. As a result, the result could either be good or bad. To get started, turn your Memphis to 275 degrees F, place the salt on a pan or screen, and smoke it for 2-14 hours, depending on how many flavors you wish to put in. It’s that simple!