Kim K’s Secret: What a Waist!

In the beauty world, few people are as iconic in our time as Kim Kardashian. Ever since her media debut, Kim K has turned heads with her style, fashion and more famously her voluptuous figure. Despite being a mother of two kids, Kim has managed to maintain curves that border to the unreal and now, she has let us in on the secret – waist training.

Body Shaping and Waist Training

The trend picked up when Kim K posted a photo on Instagram where she dons a waist trainer with the hashtags, #hourglassand #waisttraining. Since then, her vast swath of fans has taken note a new trend was born.

Waist Training is a form of body shaping where one uses a waist trainer to constrict the waist for a slimmer, curvier figure. Waist trainers are similar to corsets in function but not in material; waist trainers are more flexible since these are latex bands that wraps around the midsection while corsets have a steel bone structure, making them much sturdier and less flexible.

The added flexibility of waist trainers allows for added exercise into the waist training routine. At the same time where it pushes belly fat in, waist trainers act like a sauna wrap around the core area, making it sweat more from the heat. The bootylicious results cannot be ignored and it’s contributed to the body shaping trend boom.

Tips for Effective Waist Training

So how do I get in on this, you may ask. Read some tips below on effective waist training that will get you in Kim K shape or close!

  • Find a right sized waist trainer. Find one that doesn’t roll over the waist and one that doesn’t cause difficulties in breathing or pain.
  • Break in your waist trainer. It will be uncomfortable at first but practice wearing the trainer for at least 2 hours every day to familiarize wearing it.
  • Add in a weight loss regimen. A diet and exercise will trim you down faster when added with waist training. Focus on core exercise to get fast and sexy results.
  • Take a Break. Allow the body to get used to the training by taking timely rests. Slow and gradual is the key.

Kim K will never cease to amaze the beauty world. The fact that she can pioneer a trend with one bombastic photo makes her an undisputed icon of our era. We truly do live in the age of Kardashian!

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