Nadine Gourkow Discusses Disadvantages of Online Shopping


While it is nice to sit back and relax on Black Friday, or any other holiday shopping day for that matter, Nadine Gourkow knows that it is much better to go to the stores rather than shop online. If we have your interest piqued, then join us below for many reasons why she makes this claim.


Most people these days are advocating for the online shopping experience, but we have found too many flaws in the system and would like for people to be well informed before they commit to shopping online.

  1. Environmental Impact – When you buy something from the store, it comes in the packaging the manufacturer has deemed sufficient to protect the product. However, when you make a purchase online, they have to package the package. This means the use of more plastics and Styrofoam, as well as the boxes and all the emissions of trains, planes, and automobiles. So, while you do save yourself time shopping, you are negatively impacting the environment.
  2. Delays – While you may be saving time by not going to the store, you are going to be running the risk of your package not being delivered on time. When you go to the store, you know right away if the product you want is in stock or not. However, with computer delays, you may not be able to know right away if the product you ordered is out of stock. In addition to stock issues, there is always a chance that the delivery service may be delayed due to inclement weather. Then, there is the off chance that they may actually even lose your package.
  3. Fraud – There is a chance when inputting your credit card that the people on the receiving end will take your information and have themselves a merry little Christmas with your money. There is a chance that the product that you receive is not the product they listed online. Add to all that, there is a chance of having your identity stolen.
  4. Computer Time – If you have a job that requires that you look at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day, then you are not really going to be in the mood to be shopping. Conversely, if you do come home and shop online you may not be too keen on working on your computer the next day for 8+ hours. Save yourself the computer burnout and shop in stores.
  5. Returns – While the bigger stores have a no hassle return policy both online and in stores, the online returns can be a bit more difficult. In addition, you may need to pay more money just to return a package that had a product that was damaged or was not what you ordered.

Nadine Gourkow would like to tell you if you have to shop online, make sure you are doing it with a reputable company that has a secure server for all financial transactions. This is the biggest time of year for hackers to try to steal people’s information. Protect yourself and shop in stores!