Should Fixing Furniture Moving Boxes Take 60 Steps Or Not?

Should Fixing Furniture Moving Boxes Take 60 Steps Or Not?

Are you planning to move to another place? There is no surprise how daunting the moving process can be. From packaging to moving and unpacking at a new place it’s a hectic task. If things are not packed properly, it will cause damage to your belongings while moving. Out of all household items, moving furniture can be time-consuming and difficult. Packing furniture in furniture moving boxes and moving them into trucks to unpacking takes time and extra care. If you are facing such an issue, this guide will help you. Follow these steps and tips to prepare and pack furniture moving boxes

Steps To Pack & Prepare Furniture For Moving

Follow these steps to pack Furniture:

Buy the right packing supplies: Before you begin packing and moving furniture, you need effective packaging. For effective packaging, you need quality supplies in hand such as

  • Wholesale Bubble wrap envelopes
  • Moving Blankets
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Bubble wraps
  • Furniture pads
  • Bubble mailer packaging

Clean the furniture: You do not want to fake the dirt and dust of this house into your new drawers. Therefore before you begin packaging all your furniture, make sure you clean them. Sometimes dust and dirt in furniture can cause scratches when moving. Moreover, you will not have to take any unnecessary things to your new home. While cleaning furniture, you never know you can find your long-lost things.

Dismantle: Small things are always easy to lack and carry. If you know how to arrange furniture parts, you can dismantle some furniture items. This will help you protect your furniture from any damage and it would be much easier to move. Dismantle the furniture completely. Secure the small parts in a box and use carton sealing tape wholesale for selling the boxes. Dismantling will waste most of your time preparing the furniture. To dismantle, you can use these tips such as removing the top and legs from the tables, taking bed frames,  headboard, and footboard apart, removing cushions and legs from couches, removing new or removable pieces of dressers,  cabinets, or shelves. However, if you are planning to dismantle make sure you lack each part of one furniture item in one place and give a name Tag. This will ensure you do not face issues while rearranging them.

Wrap all your furniture: Just like any other household item to pack, you need to pack your furniture, use machine stretch wrap to pack all the furniture. This will help your furniture to prevent any scratches, colliding with corners, or causing damage to delicate parts. Moreover, if you do not have keys to lock drawers or cabinet doors, they will keep on opening and closing if not sealed. It will disturb the moving process and increase the chances of damage. So, wrap up the entire furniture. Even if you are going to dismantle, there are parts or furniture that will not dismantle, so wrapping will help.

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Tips For Moving Furniture That You Need To Know

Here’s the list of tips you can follow for furniture moving boxes:

Carry the furniture in a high and low way: Tall furniture items like Cabinets, dressing tables, shelf units, etc., can be difficult to carry and awkward to move. Therefore, before you move furniture that has doors or drawers, lock the drawers or doors and seal them with machine stretch wrap to ensure no damage or injuries. Carrying the furniture in a high and low way, it’s a two-person job, one person will hold the furniture high and the other will hold it lower. It would be easier to transport.

Protect the furniture with wrap and blankets: some furniture items are costlier and invaluable, so to protect them while moving, make sure you use bubble wraps or machine stretch wraps and blankets. It will provide extra cushioning to furniture and protect them from scratches. The corners of furniture can collide with things here and there while you transfer in a truck and shift. So, to ensure your valuables are safe, protect them with wraps.

Do not carry a drag slide: do not use any fabrics randomly as slides to drag furniture. If anything, it might hurt you or can cause damage to furniture. If you want to use slides to drag furniture, there are many options available in the market that you can purchase online for better use. If you don’t want to purchase, you can use towels, bedspreads, carpet remnants, hard plastic sliders for carpeting, etc.

Conclusion: These are some of the effective ways you can prepare and pack your furniture for easy moving. The steps are easy to follow and tips will help your furniture to prevent any damage or scratches. Using the right quality stationary or packing supplies will help you.