Is a Balance Board for Hockey Good For Your Core?

One of the best things about working out on a balance board for hockey is that you can get a good, solid workout without having to be bored or strained while you do it. Whenever you get yourself up on that board you can do the most, or do the least it is completely up to you. The main thing is that if you stand up there and balance your body for an extended period of time, you are keeping your core muscles engaged the entire time. Is this good for your core? You might be surprised.

The Body’s Core

The body’s core is not like your biceps or triceps where you automatically know where they are and can flex them on the spot without much thought behind it. Whenever you walk, run, do pushups, pullups, or do things that force you to balance,  your core becomes engaged so that you can do the task that you are doing without falling on your face. If you know where it is and how to feel it, you can flex it, but if not…you might need to practice on it.

The Balance Board and Your Core

As soon as you step on a balance board and begin to hold yourself up there, your core becomes engaged. When your core engages your muscles are interacting and communicating with your brain in order to ensure a safe experience that will not result in an injury. Our core is just another built-in mechanism that helps us to survive. While you balance on your board a couple of million things are happening at light speed behind the scene that you might not even be aware of. As sway this way and that your brain is calculating satta matka what needs to be done in order for you to stay balanced. You might need to suddenly put your arm in the air, or sway your body this way or that. It is all part of an elaborate system that the body has to stay safe. When you balance yourself up there, your brain is doing most of the work, but your mind can actually work against you if you let it.

Good For the Core

Essentially anything that causes you to engage your core is good for it. Some things are better than others, though. Simply walking across the room will engage your core. When you do exercises that make you engage your core for long periods of time you get a great workout. For example, if you were to do 10 pull-ups it would be a great way to activate your core and strengthen it. Pull-ups are really good for you if you are in good enough shape to do them. Now, if you pull up on the bar to where your chin is over the bar and you hold yourself there for sixty seconds, you are seriously blasting your core muscles, as well as all of the other muscles that are holding up there. The same concept works for the balance board. Although it is not quite as extreme as holding a pull-up or doing a plank, it is an exercise that continually keeps your core activated and engaged. Prolonging an engaged core builds core strength and ultimately strengthens the whole body.

Continued Exercises

The hockey balance board is made to be used every day. The more you use it, the better off you will be. Just like showering and eating things like exercise have to be repeated and done consistently in order to get the full benefits of the workouts. So, yes. A balance board for hockey is good for your core, but you have to keep it up and continue to balance on it consistently.

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