The Best Solar Companies in Virginia

The Best Solar Companies in Virginia

Virginia ranked fourth among states for the total amount of solar installations in 2020. Being in the top four is something all Virginians should be proud of, but to take the number one spot Virginia solar companies need to stay busy.

You may have considered solar energy in the past, but no time is better than now to follow through on your decision. But choosing the right solar installation company is not easy.

This guide will help you weed out the winners from the losers when it comes to finding the best solar companies in Virginia. That way you know you will be getting the very best solar panels for the most affordable price.

Check Consumer Reports for Solar Companies

Research is your most important tool for selecting the best solar company. Many solar companies are small independent contractors. Others are large national corporations.

Make sure to check consumer reports to gauge a company’s reputation so that you know they won’t try to rip you off. Look for testimonials from satisfied customers to avoid the bad eggs.

Research Solar Panel Brands

Not all solar companies carry all brands of solar panels. If you have your heart set on a specific make and model make sure to inquire if the company in question carries it or can order it. If not, choose a different company.

Find a Full-Service Solar Company

The best solar companies are full-service solar companies. This means that they handle all aspects of solar energy. They can prep your site for installation and do the installation themselves.

They can also troubleshoot, repair and maintain your system over time as problems arise. Finding a full-service company allows you to avoid having to seek out a separate company for each of these tasks.

Request a Quote

The best Virginia solar companies will provide you with a quote so you can compare their prices to their competition. There is no reason why a reputable company can’t give you a ballpark estimate on your total installation costs.

Ask to See Their Work

The best solar companies will be able to showcase examples of their workmanship around your town or city.

They may direct you to an array they installed on a past customer’s home, or have you come by their shop to see what a completed one looks like. Getting a visual of their level of craftsmanship is always a good idea.

Ask About Tax Incentives and Subsidies

Knowledgeable solar energy specialists will have all the information you need to know about tax incentives, subsidies, and other forms of solar incentives. If they are the best in town they can even help you get the ball rolling on these.

Use These Tips to Find the Best

While the term “best” is relative and in the eyes of the beholder, it is easy to separate the great from the mediocre when it comes to solar companies.

The quality of your solar energy company matters as solar is a major investment in your home. The last thing you want is shoddy or overpriced work.