Reading Religious Books

The Traditional Ways To Be Followed Before Reading Religious Books

Reading religious books help you in feeling relieved. Religious books suppliers in India offers you with many religious books that make you feel better while reading them. Religious books help you to feel connected with your beloved God. Enjoy reading such books and feel the presence of your God within you. Certain practices can be followed before you start reading the religious books. The four important steps to be followed before reading a religious book are mentioned below.

  • Take bath
  • Light a lamp
  • Seek blessings of your Guru and Gods (in your mind)
  • Sit in ‘Padmasana’ and read the book with enough concentration

Take bath

Elders request you to take bath before starting the religious ceremonies. This is to purify the body which is considered as a temple. The body becomes pure enough to be present in religious areas where religious rituals are carried out. You take bath before going to a temple & visiting the shrine. The same has to be followed before reading spiritual or religious books too. This helps you in feeling refreshed and prepares your body for getting engaged in a positive custom.

Light a lamp

Light has always been considered powerful in all religions. You can light a lamp and concentrate on the flame for few minutes before starting your reading sessions. This will help you in concentrating your mind well. It makes your mind feel calm & enough energized for a continuous read.

Reading Religious Books

Seek blessings of your Guru and Gods (in your mind)

Seek blessings of your Guru and Gods inside your mind. This helps you in feeling better before you start the reading process. It is a Guru who not only helps you in removing darkness but also presents you light. The darkness of ignorance is replaced with the light of knowledge (with the help of Guru). Therefore seek blessings from your Guru and also the Gods – who wished & blessed you in finding your Guru – before starting the religious book reading process.

Sit in ‘Padmasana’ and read the book with enough concentration

It is always better that you sit in ‘Padmasana’ while reading religious books. Padmasana is a sitting posture in which you sit crossing your legs. People do even meditation in this posture as it helps in creating a vertical triangle kind of body posture. It is proved that triangle is a stable form that contains immense positive energy. Ancient pyramids are an example for the same. Padmasana helps you to remain in a better energy field. The same helps you in having a better experience while reading. You can also wear ‘kesar chandan tilak’ brought from kesar tilak powder manufacturer in India. This also helps you in feeling energized. You can use your ring finger for applying the ‘tilak’ on your forehead. Forehead is the place where the ‘ajna’ chakra is present and therefore applying ‘tilak’ in th

Reading Religious Books

is area helps you in feeling positive vibe.

Certain steps followed by you – before reading the spiritual books – help you in concentrating well. Such steps followed make you feel better. The rituals that you follow help you in being in a better energy field while doing the religious ceremonies. The same help you in getting proper results from the rituals you perform. Reading religious book helps you in feeling connected with the God you love much. Make sure that you do the reading only after following certain steps for obtaining the best results from it. Take a bath and then light a lamp before reading a book. Concentrate on the flame for certain time. This helps you in having better concentration. You can apply ‘tilak’ on your forehead which helps you in feeling a positive vibe. Make sure that you remember & seek blessings from your Guru and Gods before starting the reading process. Sit in ‘padmasana’ and read the religious book for gathering the best results.