Top Six TV Shows for Valentine’s Day 2022

Top Six TV Shows for Valentine’s Day 2022

No matter whichever corner of the world you live in, if you are a lover, you will surely have strong feelings about Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it because of your bae’s cheesy love notes and presents, or for romantic candlelight dinners, we are sure that you consider Valentine’s Day more than just a gimmick promoted by greeting card companies to enjoy more bucks.

Well, whatever the case, TV audiences agree that this big day becomes even more special with the essence of love that’s brought by Valentine’s Day TV shows on different channels. So, here, we rank our top six TV shows to add more excitement and love to your special day.

Let’s get started!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 2): “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” 

This episode pretty much focuses on our slayer dealing with Angelus, who has for some reason became extra vicious during the love season. The story mainly revolves around Xander, who has become overly frustrated because of Cordelia’s continuous rejections. He attempts to cast a love spell on her but things go horribly wrong. He ends up casting the spell on the whole school that starts obsessing over him. Although twenty-three years back, this show was labeled as a humorous one, today most of the audience consider it as a strong lesson related to Xander’s toxic masculinity.

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Friends: “The One with the Candy Hearts”

There’s probably nothing more terrifying than being set up on Valentine’s Date with your ex, and that too with the ever-insufferable, Janice.

In Friends’ episode, The One with the Candy Hearts, things become even more interesting when Chandler buys a ton of alcohol with Joey’s credit card which was mistakenly left with them. Later on, Janice and Chandler end up being in bed together that night. Oh, but it’s not all that bad – Janice has some gorgeous candy heartsprinted with words, “Chan and Jan Forever”. Now that can be either really terrifying, or adorable – you decide!

Interestingly, this episode is the fourteenth one from the series, and that too from the first season. Even after enjoying ten super-famous seasons of the show, this episode still remains a top favorite for many.

The episode also features a fun gathering of Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe in Monica’s apartment. They all end up burning the memories of their past relationship in a trash can, which leads to the fire department being called on the scene. On the other hand, Joey also convinces Chandler to join him on a double date, which reconnects Chandler with Janice.

The Middle: “Valentine’s Day VI”

According to IMDb, The Middle’s season six episode “Valentine’s Day VI”, ranks the highest in terms of views as it has a unique blend of humor and romance. It makes it a perfect choice for TV shows lovers on Valentine’s Day.

This episode is all about a young boy, Brick, that found himself struggling with the fact that his girlfriend, Cindy is expecting to be kissed by him. Things become even more interesting when Brick turns into his family for advice on kissing, as he doesn’t really know how to kiss a girl.

On the other hand, Sue is all busy on a scavenger hunt planned by her boyfriend, whereas Axel becomes worried knowing that his girlfriend has no plans for Valentine’s Day. He fears that she might be testing him.

Orange Is the New Black: “You Also Have a Pizza”

Although it might seem a bit odd at first to hear that a women’s prison-centered drama has Valentine’s Episode, still that doesn’t change the fact.

In this particular episode of season two, all the prisoner women in the jail decide to have some fun during their holidays. So, they plan a themed party in which they ask each other about their views on love. Obviously, each one of them comes up with an interesting answer that really provides the viewers with a sense of who these women are.

In the midst of all the discussion, the audience suddenly comes to know that it is also visitors’ day at the prison.

The O.C. (Season 1): “The Heartbreak,” 

In this episode, Kirsten is all pumped and excited about her favorite holiday season. She storms in shooting the Cupid’s bow, however, the boys aren’t feeling the same – they are surely feeling less romantic than her.

On the other hand, Marissa tries to make things normal again after the terrible incident with Oliver over Xmas, but it clearly doesn’t work. Ryan ends up pulling away.

Interestingly, Seth and Summer enjoy steaming sex with each other. Things do not seem to be complicated at all – you see them lying in bed together all covered up after the session. They keep looking away from each other when Summer finally breaks the silence by saying, “Well, that was sex”.

The Office: “Valentine’s Day”

The Office is surely one of those shows that have portrayed Valentine’s Day in a different light. In its Valentine’s Day episode, Michael gets all the attention when he tells his company CFO that he has hooked up Jan. Things take a U-turn when the CFO starts wondering if Jan has been offering some extra favors or preferential treatment to Scranton and Michael.

In the office, all the coworkers are coming up with different assumptions for the holiday. However, Dwight avails this opportunity to step up things with Angela. Also, Bob showers Phyllis with tons of beautiful gifts to make her feel special.

However, this episode isn’t all about romance and excitement. You will also have to deal with Pam who is struggling to admit the fact that Roy hasn’t planned anything special for her on Valentine’s Day.

The Bottom-line

The above-mentioned shows are perfect for TV binge-watchers that prefer cozy Valentine’s dates at home with their partner. Although these episodes are a mix of recent and old TV seasons, still we love watching them over and over again, especially on Valentine’s Day. It just helps us to step up our love game, and add more fun to our celebrations.

However, if none of these shows ring your bell, then do not forget to reach out to your favorite streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. It will provide you with a wide range of romantic shows to spice up your big day. But before you finally get your hands on the remote, just ensure that you are connected to a high-speed internet connection like Spectrum so that your TV shows do not keep buffering in between.

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