Virtual Reality: The Future of Websites

Virtual Reality: The Future of Websites

It can be said with a high degree of certainty that within a few years, the world will see huge developments in the fields of technology industry that will have a mammoth effect on how we perceive tech. From the ways that web business is carried out to the ways in which we communicate will be changed forever. Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are the future and they are coming fast.

The virtual and augmented reality revolutions will be similar to the internet revolution and might even have a greater impact on communication and business. Both augmented and virtual reality will change the entire spectrum and we will alter our expectations and engage in activities in ways not imagined before. These technologies will significantly impact how we will use the internet and how we will browse the web. Although, our current ways of interacting with the web are quite satisfying and sufficient but with time our interaction will be mostly based on VR.

Virtual reality is not new and things were in a state of equilibrium until Oculus Rift came to the centre stage and changed the entire landscape. For those who are not familiar with Oculus Rift, it is essentially a hardware piece that was in the ‘workshop’ for quite a long time and after years of development, it burst onto the centre stage.

Oculus Rift has a commercial counterpart that is equipped with precision tracking, ultra high resolution and precision coordination mechanism among many other features. It was purchased for a whopping $2 billion by Facebook for its technological potential. This showcases the promise this technology has for the future. Other big players in the field of VR include Google ‘Cardboard’ and Sony’s Morpheus. Microsoft’s ‘HoloLens’ is a VR and AR hybrid. These products are a testament to how serious the technological giants are regarding this multi-billion dollar industry and we see virtual reality being integrated in many technology products and services.

A virtual reality web browser already exists. It is called ‘Janus VR’ which is a completely new and revolutionary way to experience the World Wide Web using current browsers. The concept involves surfing the virtual lobbies or walking through virtual hallways in order to reach a specific URL or web address. It allows the user to walk around reading random URLS that appear in the form of text on virtual walls and specific videos play whenever a user steps into one of these rooms.

Users can be walking in a serene mountainous landscape while listening to their favorite music one moment and jumping onto a roller coaster the next with Elvis Presly playing in the background.

It is highly probable in the future that the users will be able to meet each other using these virtual rooms, given this technology receives appropriate attention and to mature.

Virtual reality is already at our doorsteps and in the future we will be using it as commonly as we use our cellphones today. For future updates on this topic ensure you follow the Ultimate Online Australia website.