Bottini Fuel Shares Reasons to Get a Propane Heated Pool


Just because the days of summer are behind us doesn’t mean that you should just close up your pool. We at Bottini Fuel feel that having a pool can be great year-round fun no matter what climate you are in. While it may be a little cold getting in and out of the pool in the winter living in a New England state, you will still find it quite exhilarating. Besides, can you imagine the looks you will get when you tell your family and friends that you are going to be swimming in the backyard this weekend when the forecast calls for 3 inches of snow?

Heat with Propane

So, you have a pool and it is not heated by propane. What if we told you that you could make the switch, save money, and have fun all year by doing so? If we have piqued your interest, check out the list below for some fantastic reasons to have your pool heated by propane.

  1. Environmentally Friendly – Saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint is one of the main benefits of using a propane pool heater. Propane is a clean burning fuel, necessitates less time to heat up instantly and propane tanks can be refilled and reused. Feel good about your energy use by making the switch to sustenance the environment! If this alone has not sold you on the idea, we are sure some of the other reasons on the list will.
  2. Efficient – Your urgency for your newly installed propane tanks may be to heat your pool, but keep in mind that it’s a resourceful fuel that can be used to heat many other facets of your home. You can attach it to your BBQ grill, use it to control a patio heater or even an entire outdoor kitchen for that matter. Handiness has never been easier to achieve! It does not stop there either. You can successfully heat your entire home with propane gas. Contact us and discover all of the ways you can benefit from this super fuel.
  3. Saves Money – It’s expensive to build and maintain a swimming pool, so picking a quality heating system that doesn’t break the bank is a much looked-for home addition that you might think is impossible to find. With propane, it’s conceivable! Putting in a propane pool heater doesn’t only assure that you’re getting a state-of-the-art system that heats on demand, but since propane needs less energy to run, you’ll save money on your monthly energy bills.


Bottini Fuel works hard to make sure that you have access to all the information that you need to make an intelligent and informed decision. If you have any questions that you have regarding this article, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to help you understand anything that may be unclear about owning or installing a propane heated pool. We have over 60 years in the industry and our technicians are the most knowledgeable the industry has to offer.