Hand Discusses Heating Your Home with Gas


At Handy, we know a thing or two about what works in homes and what does not. For instance, we know what kind of heat source you should use in order to have your home nice and toasty warm this winter. There are many different ways to do it, but heating with gas is by far the best method.

Fun with Fuel

Many homeowners wonder whether or not it’s more helpful for the environment, their cash and their personal partialities to heat their home with natural gas rather than heating oil. While it’s generally known that heating oil is the more expensive solution to heating your home, there are added benefits to natural gas conversion for your home aside from its more cost-effective nature. If we have piqued your interest, join us on a list of reasons on why we feel that you should heat your home with gas this winter.

  1. Cost Effective – At the end of the day, most decisions involving the home come down to a matter of money. If you have found that your heating bill is a little on the high side, we think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much money you can save by switching to natural gas.
  2. Versatility – Having natural gas at your disposal, you can do far more than just heat your home. Natural gas has a number of applications around the home such as heating your swimming pool, it can be used to heat your water and it can be used in the kitchen in addition to drying your clothes and light your gas fireplace. It’s not a one job material; your home sure could use the upgrade to gas to aid you in saving money across the board. When your gas supply can be used in a multitude of ways, it helps to save on a number of costs and make living that much simpler.
  3. Convenient – The suitability of natural gas is irrefutable. It comes from an underground pipeline that means you will never run out of gas. Unlike heating oil, which has to be watched to ensure that your supply does not run low, you are not accountable for checking gas levels at any point. You will have more time in your day to take care of the things that really matter in your life, such as taking care of your children and your home. An oil furnace needs delivery of oil and care to guarantee that levels are high enough to keep your home heated in the meantime.
  4. Safe – Bearing in mind the vast popularity of homeowners who choose natural gas over oil heating solutions every day, the safety of natural gas is obvious. Natural gas furnaces do not necessitate cleaning. There are no remains (ashes) to worry about, unlike oil furnaces that do require careful cleaning.


At Handy, we care about your family, and you should too. Making the switch will keep your family all year round, without any special requirements or need to clean extra for residual effects.